Tuesday :: Oct 10, 2006

Open Thread - Lessons From Poppy Edition

by Steve

When James Baker and the rest of the Iraq Study Group issue their recommendations for Iraq policy changes after the midterms, I think they will recommend that the Cheney policy of not talking to your enemies (Iran, Syria) be thrown overboard.

"It's got to be hard-nosed," Baker said. "It's got to be determined. You don't give away anything, but in my view it is not appeasement to talk to your enemies."

But will Bush modify his position after such a public rebuke, especially since this "isolate and ignore" strategy was also at the heart of how this administration handled North Korea these last six years?

Poppy’s Vice-Presidential NSA Donald Gregg thinks that W and Cheney’s policy of only talking to their friends is a terrible mistake. It’s too bad that this administration doesn’t have the maturity or intellectual nimbleness to take advantage of what could have been a failed nuclear test by Pyongyang to approach them now to have talks, and strengthen the moderates in the North Korean government. Because, as Robert Kaplan noted in the Atlantic Monthly, it is possible that the North is more worried about China than they are about us.

OK, it is your turn.

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