Wednesday :: Oct 11, 2006

Fun Dreams in Progressive Politics

by paradox

A general skim of political news this morning offers yet again often a dreary, depressing input for the day: war death spiraling out of control, planet steadily warming, sex scandal, citizens suffering in a terrible health care system, yadda yadda yadda. The world isn’t full of issues, politics just often naturally focuses on problems, it’s supposed to.

Politics doesn’t have to be so dreary, and I suspect that fairly soon it won’t—Howard Dean is doing too well and the Republicans are in a megaton implosion. Four to six years of sacrifice to clean up horrific messes, likely, and then we can begin to dream fun political dreams again.

We all have them—that one particular aspect of life we desperately want politics to build out the human experience, using our smarts and compassion to fundamentally better life for generations to come. I actually have many of these dreams, political junkies are like that, and I’m going to list a few here because one day very soon the Republicans are going to be gone and we get to invest in Americans again.

Energy Independence / Global Warming: For the life of me I cannot understand how this twofer is not giddily grasped upon by a national politician. Become free of that terrible region of the world, the Middle East, and save the planet at the same time! You’re fucking telling me that can’t be sold on the sacrifice of not being able to drive an American car as in the past? I just can’t wait until a politician asks the American people to help instead of lying to them.

500,000 small businesses could be created in only five years fanatically switching to solar and micro electricity generation. Think of all those millions of jobs manufacturing solar cells and applications, millions more installing them, all to give the finger to Saudi Arabia and save our planet. You’re telling me half a million new small businesses can’t be sold to Republicans? Right.

Municipal Broadband: Wireless is a tantalizing, cheap, easy thing do. Technologically it gets the geek in me hyperventilating, but much more importantly it could dramatically display to ordinary Americans what just a little collectivism (not commie hippie acid trip socialism, now, just a little togetherness) can do so quickly. Once broadband becomes ubiquitous and free life will truly rocket into science fiction territory with applications riding on it we haven’t even dreamed of yet. That’s a great ride a lot of Americans would love to take, who wouldn’t?

Real School Lunch Program: The next president, interestingly enough, gets to sign the renewal Congress coughs up in 2009 for the federal school lunch program.

The United States disgraces itself in a disgusting, degrading display of shitty food for it’s children every single day in schools everywhere. No disrespect to the fine humans laboring in those kitchens, but we all know how far we could go so quickly and so easily by tripling the federal amount available to feed our American children great food.

25 billion dollars annually—how is it possible not to implement this after 250 billion is squandered in Iraq? Once we start to refine and educate the young American palate an acute awareness to the production and politics of food will inevitably follow, which we sorely need to help solve critical labor and petrochemical degradation issues.

Like all of my dreams it’s not farfetched in the least. Change happens: the food channel educates in ways undreamed of and Bill Clinton attacks obesity. Those fucking vending machines that spit out Cokes with 13 teaspoons of sugar in them are already gone from our schools, thanks Bill!

So easy to kick ass on this one, so many potential souls potentially happy in good food, such tasty solutions to so many issues. Not many days left to dream on this one, reality is coming soon. Please give Bill a spicy squeeze for that one, Hillary.

Well, here it is 0628 and it’s time to spend a day in the present filled with Republican fuckups and their conflagrating problems. I’ll keep those dreams in my back pocket, though, like they say if you don’t dream all you end up with is nightmares. I wouldn’t mind reading more dreams in the comments, a happy tapestry of what we really could be.

Not much longer, folks, just around 75 days before we take our country back. Pretty soon we won’t be dreaming.

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