Wednesday :: Oct 11, 2006

Update on Mexican Border “Fence”

by paradox

An interesting fact can be observed after passage and approval for the Mexican border “fence”: nobody wants it. The Mexicans don’t want it, the cops don’t want it, liberals are rightly horrified by it, hell, the Texans don’t want it.

So the Republicans passed a bill to erect a “fence,” which naturally does not build a fence at all, but happily can dole out billions of dollars to crony business buddies.

Who did and does want this monstrosity of an idea? Racist bigot Republicans in their base, one must suppose, although The Washington Post doesn’t say so. Kevin Drum noted two days ago that here yet again the Republican base allowed itself to get suckered along.

That’s certainly true but only half of the story. How, in fact, did we present ourselves to our good friends and critically vital neighbor Mexico? Like unbelievably arrogant, stupid, racist, degrading idiots who have no respect for Mexicans or even ourselves as we lied our way to a disgusting display of political masturbation.

Mexicans are a refined, cultured, literate, extremely intelligent people. It took them exactly two-thirds of a second to see precisely how American politics had degraded yet again and insulted them in a grossly offensive manner. That’s the other part of this story of repulsive Republican base pandering—it can greatly effect other countries and humiliates us in the world community.

Sincere apologies are offered once again to the people of Mexico. I am so sorry. We can and will do so much better, very soon.

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