Thursday :: Oct 12, 2006

Voting No on All California Propositions

by paradox

I haven’t paid much attention to this election’s slate of propositions, for 10 years ago I simply boycotted the entire process and reflexively reject every proposition on the ballot. Proposition legislation has wrecked the state of California and made it ungovernable, to put it politely.

Desperate for distraction as the A’s lost again last night I actually read a progressive voter guide linked from Athletics Nation, and then right on cue Al Gore showed up in a commercial with the twofer I wrote about yesterday: save the planet and give the finger to the Saudis by voting yes on Proposition 187.

Sorry, Al, our oil dependence issue is a federal one requiring federal implementations. I wouldn’t trust the hosers who wrote that proposition to feed my cat, so even you, hero of heroes, have no effect with this. No on 187.

I also see the never-ending hatred of Big Tobacco has morphed yet again into punishing smokers. $2.60 more tax for every pack! That’s over 50% of the current price, do the words usury and extortion mean anything anymore? Apparently not. I keep thinking every time they jack the price 50% smokers will finally be left alone, but there seems to be no end to this singular war on human behavior, $10 a pack wouldn’t satisfy them.

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