Thursday :: Oct 12, 2006

What War with N. Korea would look like

by soccerdad

Anybody who thinks an attack on N. Korea is a good idea should consider the following.

PLANS previously drafted by the Pentagon predict 52,000 US military casualties and one million civilian dead in the first 90 days of conflict if America attacked Pyongyang

The article continues

A report this week by US-based security and military analyst Stratfor predicts North Korea could return fire on Seoul with "several hundred thousand high-explosive rounds per hour" -- with up to 25 per cent of shells filled with nerve gas.
Other estimates say the US would need at least 500,000 ground troops to secure against a North invasion of the South.

Because of the unpredictability of Kim Jong-il, Stratfor believes that even a limited strike confined to well documneted nuclear sites could elicit a huge reponse.
It [Sratfor report] concluded by urging US military restraint. "The consequences of even the most restrained attack could be devastating."

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