Friday :: Oct 13, 2006

Out On A Limb By Themselves

by Steve


It looks like the Russians and Chinese, after swatting away the ineffective attempts by John Bolton to put military teeth behind UN sanctions, will push Kim Jong Il back to the table to accept the deal that he walked away from last year. This comes as a Security Council vote is set for tomorrow on the weaker but more focused set of sanctions supported by Russia and China, a set of sanctions that could have been voted on earlier in the week in the immediate aftermath of the failed North Korean nuclear test if only the Bush Administration grabbed at whatever it could get quickly instead of trying once again for failed dogma.

Pyongyang embarrassed Russia and China with this botched test, and isolated themselves into a corner. As I said earlier in the week, the necessary course of action is to get sanctions imposed as quickly as possible to send a message to both Pyongyang as well as Tehran that such saber rattling has costs, while laying the groundwork for eventual and under-the-table bilateral talks with both regimes.

Update: Now our vaunted intelligence services say "nevermind", there was radiation detected after all.

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