Saturday :: Oct 14, 2006

California Congressional Election News

by Mary

As Republican hopes to hang onto their majority fade, the California newspapers are full of how the tsunami will affect California's clout in Washington. What was once a GOP threat of a Democratic Congress headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now a dawning reality. As Larry Sabato said, no longer a GOP boogywoman, the thought of Pelosi is reassuring to many.

Some conservatives have used the specter of "Speaker Pelosi" as an ultraliberal bogeyman to scare their base into voting. But as a mother of five with no apparent moral blemishes on her public record, "maybe she's the one to clean up the mess," Sabato said. "Who would you trust the (congressional) pages to?"

And although California will lose the chairmanships of at least six committees, a number of Democratic leaders in the Congress are in line to pickup the leadership of several key committees. My favorite is Henry Waxman who will be the new chairperson of the Government Reform Committee.

A shift of power in the House would also mean that Rep. Henry Waxman of Los Angeles, known as an investigative bulldog, would take over the Government Reform Committee. He would have subpoena power to go after the Bush administration, pharmaceutical companies or other targets.

"Henry Waxman is fearless, smart, with an experienced staff that would shine a necessary light on things," said Rep. Zoe Lofgren of San Jose, who chairs the state's congressional delegation of 33 Democrats -- the largest contingent by far in Congress.

Waxman has tremendous credibility in this role and he will be able to lead the way to cleaning up the government so it is once more working for the people and not the corrupt kleptocracy that Bush has enabled.

Northern California Democrats are excited to have a couple of races that are truly competitive where we can teach at least a few of those corrupt Californian Congressmen that their days of preying on the citizens of the state are numbered. Both Pombo and Doolittle are in the races of their careers and many Bay area residents are finding ways to help knock them out.

Unfortunately, Democrats didn't put up the same strong competitive candidates that stepped up to challenge Pombo and Doolittle in the Southland. Although Southern California has some of the most corrupt members of Congress (Hunter, Lewis and Miller), they are facing either weak or no competition. Lewis, who is under investigation and potentially on his way to the big house has a challenger that has raised less than $5000 and so he will simply walk away with the win despite the fact that he's a greedy crook. Clearly this year proves that it is important to field credible challengers for every seat because even the safest seats are up for grabs (see DeLay, Foley).

Obviously, it's time to volunteer and contribute whatever you can. We all need to do whatever we can to bring the winners home.

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