Monday :: Oct 16, 2006

Egg On His Face

by Steve

AP photo

"I would remind Senator Clinton and other Democrats critical of Bush administration policies that the framework agreement her husband's administration negotiated was a failure."
--John McCain, October 10th

Really John? It was Clinton's failure that led to last week's test?

It now has been determined that last week’s nuclear weapon tested by North Korea wasn’t a uranium-based bomb, but rather a plutonium-based bomb.

Guess who turned his back on the monitoring program that froze Pyongyang’s plutonium production for almost a decade?

The intelligence agencies’ finding that the weapon was based on plutonium strongly suggested that the country’s second path to a nuclear bomb — one using uranium — was not yet ready. That program is based on enrichment equipment and know-how purchased from Pakistan’s former nuclear chief.
Nuclear experts said that the use of plutonium to make the bomb was important because it suggested that North Korea probably had only one nuclear program mature enough to produce weapons.
As president, Mr. Clinton negotiated a deal that froze the production and weaponization of North Korea’s plutonium, but intelligence agencies later determined that North Korea began its secret uranium program under his watch. The plutonium that North Korea exploded was produced, according to intelligence estimates, either during the administration of the first President Bush or after 2003, when the North Koreans threw out international inspectors and began reprocessing spent nuclear fuel the inspectors had kept under seal.
Unlike the Clinton administration in 1994, the current Bush administration chose not to threaten to destroy North Korea’s fuel and nuclear reprocessing facilities if they tried to make weapons.
Perhaps Hillary Clinton will now get off her ass from the knock-down she took from John McCain last week and kick him in the balls tomorrow with this.

Then again, she probably won’t.

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