Tuesday :: Oct 17, 2006

The Mission: Evade Responsibility

by paradox

Steve Soto, yesterday trying to see through the lies, obfuscations and rationalizations on current US policy toward Iraq, asked an obvious question: what exactly is the US mission there?

That’s an incredible event. It is a shining, piercing testament to corporate media lying and distraction that after $450 billion (!) dollars, tens of thousands of deaths, the reputation of the United States and a slew of critical security variables our most informed, intelligent citizens don’t know what the war mission is in Iraq!

If our “journalism” corps asked that question (instead of honest bloggers) and didn’t accept lying for answers maybe the country would know what it’s doing. It’s a useful strategy for successful life, knowing what you’re trying to do. Perhaps we could leave that hellhole, just possibly, if we actually met the objective.

Tony Snow, with a straight face yesterday, says the objective is a stable, secure Iraq and an ally on terror. This idiot seems to think we’ve forgotten Donald Rumsfeld tacitly accepting total anarchy with a 72 hour looting orgy right after we invaded, calling it a “messy” consequence of building a democracy. Lawlessness and continuous stealing are precisely how much our dear Republicans care about stability and security.

Only a coddled, extremely enabled liar could ever stand before Americans and allegedly accept security responsibility for a country after glibly killing and watching tens of thousands of citizens of that country die for 40 months. Only in a propaganda culture could Snow every get away with such offensive statements; the Republicans can yap all they want, if a secure Iraq was truly critical it would have done by now.

One notices—but the US “journalism” corps won’t—that the word “democracy” was missing from Snow’s lying yesterday. All those purple fingers, all those elections, all those fights in a “parliament” where mortar rounds were going off outside (it’s true), well, never mind!

A democratic Iraq would mean a Shia Iraq, which means a natural ally to the neighbor next door Iran. All US democracy efforts would produce a tactical disaster and the whole thing was a lying joke anyway, so Democracy as the The Mission can be scratched off the list. Snow omits with a straight face because he wasn’t called on it, just as he never is.

The mission to end the war was not to eliminate an “evil dictator," for as Colbert so brilliantly asked, who’s next? It’s simply hilarious that all the 101st Fighting Keyboarders and propagandists in the “journalism” corps simply forget this lie as Kim Jong II of Korea sets of a nuclear device. If getting rid of evil dictators was so important one would think Jong would have to be next, but they’re doing nothing.

The mission of Hussein elimination can’t work to end the war, for the US blatantly lied about why it was necessary to blow the limbs off Iraqi children in getting rid of him. The alleged moral good in that mission is simply obviated by the evil of lying about wmd. If eliminating Hussein were the mission the US would have left Iraq, but we haven’t.

It’s slowly, very slowly starting to sink in that yes, this generation of Republicans really will sacrifice soldiers and the future of the country just for a perfect ploy to knife Democrats politically. The Democratic party to this day still is riven and has not recovered from that pre-2002 election Iraq war vote. It has nothing to do with a tangible goal to end the war, but it does explain to a great degree why the war happened.

Of course oil was a huge equation in the war—not for possession, but for the extremely lucrative oil services industry. This ludicrous fantasy was abandoned years ago as Iraq went up in flames. The neo-cons also wanted huge, permanent military bases and got them, but because they were continually lied about (by omission) they can’t be a public mission for the war. [The bases will be a total eventual loss, as the war is.]

We all know now how totally this has blown up in all our faces in the worst US foreign policy disaster of all time. Bush and Cheney, in a total fit of criminal delusion, thought they could militarily crush Iraq and dictate reality in any way they saw fit while perfectly screwing the Democrats. Democratic party implosion worked out perfectly, but that is the singular success variable of the Iraq war for Republicans.

All the rest has been a flaming war crime debacle, and since it blew up Bush, Cheney and the Republicans have been lying the entire time. The mission was to avenge the Hussein 1990 failure in a middle eastern country that would house US military bases and enrich Halliburton. None of it worked and all is simply an evasion of responsibility ever since.

That, truly, is the current mission in Iraq. Pray that things get better until someone else has to handle it. There can be no other conclusion—Democracy would be a disaster and security is a total fantasy, Iraq is engulfed in a horrific civil war this very second with US forces obviously making the situation worse.

Republicans will lose Congress in three weeks for this manifestly filthy, grossly immoral immature trick. Bush will then either accept defeat, leading the retreat out of Iraq, or be replaced by a real American president who will. Americans will not stand US soldiers being killed and maimed for 24 months for nothing but the ego of a lying war felon with no mission but trying to evade responsibility for failure, it’s never going to happen.

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