Tuesday :: Oct 17, 2006

As Promised, Brown Pulls Away From DeWine, Beating Rove's Message

by Steve

In the interest of disclosure, when the New York Times story broke Sunday night for Monday’s paper that the GOP was backing out of Mike DeWine’s Senate race to protect other races, there was some skepticism around the center-left blogosphere, especially after the RNC and the NRSC made a big deal yesterday about the money they were keeping in that race. While this went on, I contacted a source I had in the media, who told me that it made sense for the national committees to withdraw from that race because 3 internal polls of late had shown that Sherrod Brown was pulling ahead of DeWine by anywhere from 8-12 points, and that the public polls would soon show the same thing.

My source was accurate: the Quinnipiac poll out today shows Brown pulling out to a 12-point lead among likely voters over DeWine, and has cemented an insurmountable lead amongst independent voters. If the GOP national committees want to waste their money in such a race with three weeks to go, swell.

I’d like to point out that the true significance of this development is that Brown is pushing a message of economic populism in Ohio against DeWine’s Johnny-One-Note Rove-driven national security message. And Brown is bitch-slapping pulling away from DeWine as a result. You draw the conclusions yourself.

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