Thursday :: Oct 19, 2006

Open Thread

by Steve

Before I head off to bed tonight and get Thursday started, I have five pieces for you to comment on.

First, there are reports that Ohio Secretary of State and GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell, who fancies himself a Christian, has conspired to purge thousands of voters from the rolls since the primary election earlier this year in order to deny thousands their right to vote and keep the GOP from losing races in that state. Knowing what we know about Blackwell and Diebold from the 2004 election, all of this is plausible. But if there is even the slightest chance that this is true, the Ohio and national Democrats are obligated to file an immediate lawsuit with the federal courts and compel Blackwell to come clean in a courtroom before the election. And yes, Democrats should file a formal complaint and demand an investigation by Abu Gonzales’ Justice Department and the Federal Elections Commission. The key is to get this issue out in the open now and shine a light on Blackwell rather than wait to try and prove this happened after the election. Don’t repeat the mistakes of 2004.

Second, there are reports that there will be another congressional page scandal breaking in the next 24-48 hours, this time involving a sexual relationship between a congressman and a 16 year-old female page.

Third, Jon Tester now leads Conrad Burns in the Montana Senate race by 11 points.

Fourth, Bob Casey Jr. now leads little Ricky Santorum by 13 points.

Lastly, watch Olbermann’s special comment from Wednesday night on Bush’s dismantling of habeas corpus.

OK, take it away.

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