Thursday :: Oct 19, 2006

Cheney Loses A Round

by Steve

Cheney lost a round with a federal judge today, who ruled in favor of a Washington Post request for information on who has visited Cheney and his staff at the White House, and who has visited him at home. Even though the West Wing of the White House is supposedly the “people’s house”, where supposedly public business is done, this administration feels that the public has no right to know who visits Cheney and his staff at work. To some degree, I can understand why the administration doesn’t feel it owes the public a listing of who visits the Cheney’s at home, but the administration feels that they don’t owe the public any accounting of who visits Cheney or his staff on public business either.

I don’t expect the Washington Post to ever see this information, as certainly the White House will appeal this so that nothing is released until after the election, if at all. And when it gets to the Supreme Court, we already know that Scalia, Thomas, and Alito will rule that the public has no business knowing who the White House does business with, because they believe that the GOP executive is an unaccountable god. But it’s good to see that at least one federal judge doesn’t buy that fascist crap.

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