Thursday :: Oct 19, 2006

Baghdad in Conflagration of Death, New American Effort Failing

by paradox

The New York Times is reporting this afternoon General William Caldwell described the new heightened attacks in Baghdad as “disheartening.” The reporter did not state the discouragement came from the killing and maiming of his men—along with losing—or that the American Army Officer Corps, once so proud of the Powell Doctrine, had utterly failed their troops and were once again, forty years later, in a disastrous position of “clear and hold.”

“They’re trying to get back into those areas,” he said. “We’re constantly going back in and doing clearing operations again.”

Baghdad is getting 2 hours of electricity a day while the morgue overflows into hurried mass graves of necessity. Bodies routinely float down the Tigris, whole areas of Baghdad are in unspeakable violence and mayhem, and suicide bombers—what has happened on this planet when scores of humans are willing to die this way?—inflict chaos everywhere. Insurgents get their killing sniper shots broadcast on CNN (barely edited).

There are no more troops to send. The violence gets worse by the day, yet there is no clue as to what to do or what would work.

It is unclear, however, what other options might be available to American military commanders if their current efforts fail.

I apologize to our foreign readers for this typical American “journalist." Of course leaving, prosecuting US war criminals and making arrangements for minimal reparations to a country we utterly destroyed for lies is an option. Propaganda habits die hard.

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