Friday :: Oct 20, 2006

The Job Is Too Tough For The Poor Baby

by Steve

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The failing rhetoric could only work with the Kool-Aid drinking cultists of the Stepford crowds who still come to lap up his drivel. Just like he said being president was “tough” at a flailing debate performance in 2004, Bush said today that dealing with Iraq “was tough”. What an imbecile.

Later, he trotted out the usual lines to the Stepford faithful at a NRSC fundraiser:

Calling the Democrats the party of "cut and run," Bush said: "The voters out there need to ask the question, `Which political party will support the brave men and women who wear our uniform when they do their job of protecting America? Which political party is willing to give our professionals the tools necessary to protect the American people? Which political party has a strategy for victory in this war on terror?'"

Exactly what the hell is your "strategy for victory" Skippy? To let Osama go free at Tora Bora? To let Osama go free again in Waziristan last month? To close down the FBI and CIA units tasked with going after Osama? To fail in Afghanistan and allow the Taliban to regroup? To create a new terrorist breeding ground in Iraq? To ignore offers of help from Iran and Syria to track down and capture Al Qaeda? To ignore the August 6, 2001 PDB and negligently do nothing in the summer of 2001? To let North Korea have access once again to plutonium in 2002? To ignore the 9/11 Commission recommendations? To pursue the Dubai Ports World deal? To sit by and watch Al Qaeda morph and spread across the globe?

He continues to repeat rhetoric that those in his own party have abandoned. Democrats should make a video of this appearance today and ask voters why the GOP Congress failed to provide our soldiers with adequate body armor, motor vehicle protection, and troops to do the job. It wasn’t the Democrats that failed the troops. It was George “Alabama Barstool” Bush, Dick “Five Deferments” Cheney, and Donald “Peacetime Flight Instructor” Rumsfeld who have failed our troops. If Bush really wants to open up this issue just weeks before the election, Democrats should oblige him and tell voters the real record here.

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