Saturday :: Oct 21, 2006

Washington Post: Stop the Lying and Denial

by paradox

In a dismaying article of evasion and obfuscation The Washington Post published Major Change Expected In Strategy for Iraq yesterday that only continued the lying and denial of the Iraq War, no major changes specified here at all.

Paragraph 1: “…according to lawmakers in both parties, foreign policy experts and others…”

Paragraph 2: “Senior figures…” “Agitation is growing in Congress…”

Paragraph 4: “Few officials…” “…many Democrats…”

Paragraph 5: “Many senior Republicans with close ties to the administration…”

Paragraph 6: A real attributed quote! Kneepad Snowe of Maine (describing her as “centrist” is a bonus lie here) saying nothing: "I don't think there's any question about that, that there will be a change,” she said. What change? Move along!

Paragraph 7: Another attributed quote! To bad it’s from, wait for it, “…a former Bush administration foreign policy official…”

Paragraph 8: “Many Senate Republicans…” [Awaiting word from more white fat geezers, so conveniently out of office, unaccountable and unresponsible in their shining bravery]

Paragraph 9: “Many foreign policy experts…”

Paragraph 11: Another attributed Senator, Sununu this time: “…choose a different path that would allow us to meet our objectives." What path? What objectives? Move along!

The article then goes on to state that Bush is becoming more flexible—on what is never stated, only that he’s “flexible” to something. Trying desperately to fixate on any kind of substantive content, the article finally meanders about how bad it’s gotten with General Caldwell quotes, an asinine quote from Levin amd three empty meaningless ones from Hoyer, Warner and Hutchison. Finally the stupid and extremely dangerous partition plan of Biden is tacked on.

No one will dare go on the record here because they know damn well there is no other alternative in Iraq but losing and leaving. These sickening, meaningless quotes about “change” and “open to flexibility” are just rank exercises in evasion, saying nothing while appearing to offer hope of success that will never arrive.

This denial will continue as long as The Washington Post allows lying cowards to hide behind anonymous quotes and never demands any specifics from meaningless trash. After four years of horrific death, lying, destruction and war crimes the country damn well deservers better.

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