Monday :: Oct 23, 2006

Cost of Iraq: Pay Up $9,480.86, American Family

by paradox

One of the most stifling, infuriating aspects of living under a corporate media/propaganda blanket is an awareness of acute problems that simply are not covered, for they do not fit the objective of promoting the corporate agenda.

That’s why we never hear of the 40 hour work week blown to hell, wage growth in the tank, see comparative health care analysis, insane “defense spending” projections, and of course anything negative about George Bush and Republican Party (spying on Americans? Report it after the 2004 election!). It's also why we currently live under the insanity of impeaching a President for lying about consensual sex, yet let his war felon (Republican) successor skate for staring a ruinous war for lies.

What furtive, lying, unbelievably obtuse revolting lemmings our corporate media citizens are. They truly do not comprehend the country and entire world instantly sees the nuclear difference in their coverage of Clinton compared to Bush, they really don’t. It’s amazing how they walk around as if they belong to a real profession with integrity, an extremely sad phenomena of dishonesty, denial, and sickening corporate obsequiousness slathered in makeup.

Exhibit #8,929 of our whoring corporate sleazoids is the total obfuscation of the insane fortune completely, irrevocably squandered in the lying war crime of the Iraq. Once a year the media reports on the amount of the special appropriations bill approved by Congress, $80 billion here, $90 billion there, whatever.

The empirical total of this lying crime in Iraq is $450 billion—that’s what we’ve spent so far. An extremely conservative estimate is another $550 billion for whenever we get the hell out of there and health care costs for the wounded. A cool trillion dollars, easy, all for nothing but horror, shame, death and international revulsion.

That’s $9,480.86 per American family, money that will be paid out by the American middle class next 30 years (one could tack on another $300 billion for interest, but we’ll keep it simple and conservative). Our corporate media tries to ignore it, but every day more and more Americans are becoming aware and infuriated at this incredible waste of such a vast fortune.

With a trillion dollars invested in the United States instead of being squandered by blowing off the arms of children for lies America could have been turned into Eden. We could be completely energy independent, created schools that eventually produced the finest humans and most capable the world has ever seen, built an amazing high speed train system… the list goes on and on and on.

The United States has pissed away a trillion dollars for a war crime. We are in expensive hock to the Chinese, for chrissakes, for the next 30 years for this!

That’s just the cost in real-time dollars. Quadruple that amount--$4 trillion dollars—in the money lost for potential investment. The United States got nothing, just nothing, on a $1 trillion dollar spending spree of total insanity, this from a political party that vociferously markets itself (or did) as “fiscally conservative.” Jesus, what a sick treasonous entity the Republican party turned out to be.

Never mind. Move along. Get started on that 50-60 work week, American, it’s Monday. Throwing away the future for lies is the corporate way, don’t you know?

[Sincere thanks to diarist BoxerDave of The Daily Kos, a real American who knows duty and honor demand fealty to the Truth.]

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