Monday :: Oct 23, 2006

Not A Rubber Stamp

by Steve

Image courtesy of CBS News

To fire up the base in the remaining weeks until Election Day, the Rove script calls for demonizing the "Librul" Democrats on taxes and terrorism, to see if he can get the cultists to dance for him one more time. That’s why it was good to see “60 Minutes” do a balanced piece on Nancy Pelosi last night.

"As a mother and as a grandmother, 14 years on the intelligence committee, don't tell me I have I any underestimation of what the threat is to our country. So if you want to justify your failed policy by saying we don't understand the threat, clearly you didn't understand the situation you got us into."

From this point on until Election Day, Pelosi should respond to every attack by reminding voters and the media that the country needs more moms and grandmothers like her to come in and clean up the moral mess left behind by all the GOP men that have run the country into the ground these last twelve years. Unlike sweaty Denny Hastert, a grandmother won’t shield a pedophile in their midst.

If the Democrats retake the House, something that Karl Rove and the president still say won’t happen (and Howard Fineman says they still will not prepare for), Pelosi will lead a majority caucus that is more disciplined than the one she inherited from Dick Gephardt. Gone is the base-satisfying but politically damaging talk about impeachment hearings. Gone is the assumption that seniority will be the only determinant when awarding committee chairmanships. Pelosi will assemble a team that can stick to a script and keep focused on a message, pushing an agenda for change and an ongoing oversight mission that has been abandoned by the GOP’s rubber-stamp, look the other way approach to Congress.

She is smart enough to work with the party’s centrists to reach out to people the party has ignored for years, while also letting someone of John Murtha’s stature with the military to take the lead in criticizing the administration’s fiasco in Iraq. There will be plenty of opportunities for investigations if the Democrats retake Congress, and such oversight is essential in the next two years, not only for the public to have faith once again in Congress as an equal branch of government, but also in the Democrats as a force for reform and accountability.

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