Monday :: Oct 23, 2006

Bush Retreats On "Stay The Course"

by Steve

Bush lied yesterday in his interview on "This Week", claiming falsely that his administration has never been about "staying the course" in Iraq. In fact, he himself has said it at least six different times.

So if the administration has never been about "stay the course", then why did the Administration want to make it clear to the media today that they were walking away from the policy?

While the Times' story fails to mention that Bush lied yesterday, at least the Post's Peter Baker gets it right. Despite what Bush said on Sunday, this administration was all about "staying the course", and has only now backed away from it because their pollsters were telling them that voters were rejecting that position, and the Democrats were nailing the GOP with it.

In other words, for the man who doesn't read polls, he has flip-flopped.

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