Wednesday :: Oct 25, 2006

Open Thread - Dressing A Pig Edition

by Steve

"They honestly need a baseball bat against the head. Because if they don't change the lexicon immediately, as bad as this election is going to be, they're going to lose the presidency in 2008. I've given up on 2006. They've already made so many mistakes, there's no way they can fix it in two weeks. But I'm worried now they're going to lose all the marbles."
--Frank Luntz, on the GOP's troubles this election

T2 astutely noted in a comment earlier today that the media is crafting a “GOP recovery” narrative already, setting the frame so that any rebound in the GOP’s fortunes between now and Election Day would be expected rather than suspect. As T2 correctly noted, it is imperative for the corporate media to stamp out expectations of a Democratic wave so that the perception of a close race can be reestablished and give the GOP a new sheen. I have noted the same thing in scanning the coverage of many media outlets over the last day or so, and some commentators are now saying that there won’t be a Democratic “wave” but simply “gains”, even though the polls still show a Senate pickup of four seats and a House pickup of at least 15. What is behind this of course is the Rove tactic of creating their own reality and then forcing the media to accept it through repetition and self-assuredness. A good example is the Page One in Wednesday’s Post by Peter Baker, wherein he talks about how the GOP is leaning on a proven strategy from the last two elections to get their base to come home, and accepts it as a fact that this will occur, when there is no evidence presented in this piece to prove that it is happening. It’s just that the media expects it to happen, because the GOP has slapped them into believing that the guys who botched Iraq and Katrina are Supermen. They aren’t.

I’ll be away on business for the better part of the next two days and will return Thursday night. Our other editors will mind the store.

OK, it’s your turn.

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