Wednesday :: Oct 25, 2006

Time to Pay for the “Fence,” GOP

by paradox

The stupidity, racism and bigotry the Republican-controlled Congress inflicted upon Mexico and Latino citizens by passing legislation for a Mexican border fence—which really won’t be a fence at all—has, of course, instantly come back to haunt them. The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday Latino reaction was predictably outraged.

"A lot of people are saying, 'Forget being a Republican. I want to go to the Democratic Party. It's a shame that one issue has divided many of us that have been in the Republican Party for a long time and has brought us to ask the question: Do I or do I not want to belong to this party?" said Rev. Danny de Leon of Templo Calvario in Santa Ana, considered the biggest Latino bilingual church in the U.S.

The article is notable for all the big-time Latino members who have turned on Bush, but completely ignores at least 25% of the Latino block that has always been committed liberals. They are inflamed, they are pissed, they are on the march and doing everything they can do defeat Republicans this cycle, wherever they are.

Republicans should be quivering in fear. Governor Pete Wilson and the California GOP exploited immigration in the 1990’s with 2 terrible public initiatives that worked in the short term and then crushed the Republicans in 1998 as the Latino registration base kicked in. Until The Groper got “elected” in a do-over, 100% of statewide offices were held by Democrats. That’s correct, 100%

The epitome of asshole, Rush Limbaugh, has fiercely impaled the GOP with his stupidity this morning, and so did Rush and the rest of that rabid talk-radio posse on immigration. Apparently Rove and the GOP leadership never saw this coming—how could they, when they have been so assiduously courting Latino voters for seven years? But this dark undercurrent of hatred and bigotry in the GOP, for whatever reason, was fixated by talk radio hosts and so enraged the base the leadership felt compelled to build “the fence.”

“Out of control” is the term often heard to describe those unruly, angry citizens in the Republican base. Strange, isn’t it, how so many elements of political life get “out of control” when under Republican leadership: the deficit, Iraq, global warming, urgent issues careening toward disaster with those at the helm oblivious to any risk or danger.

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