Wednesday :: Oct 25, 2006

Iraqi Prime Minister to US: Take Off

by paradox

Showing how totally out control Iraq is for US leadership, today Iraq Prime Minister Al-Maliki basically told the US to go take a flying leap and stay the hell out their business.

How is it possible for this nightmare to be any more of a farce? Al-Maliki is the product of American strong-arm “democracy,” allegedly in charge of a “government” that exists solely from American security. He hides in the green zone while the country is engulfed in chaos—his only chance of survival is to renounce the Americans as much as he can before we leave. As of now as soon as the Green Zone is unsecured he is a dead man.

There is no Iraqi government—not as Americans know it—to negotiate with, seek terms with, or make agreements with. Iraq is a proxy state of chaos, controlled and governed by no one. Today’s total slap in the face to the American hegemon is ample proof of that.

Bush said “we’re winning” in Iraq this morning. How long this utter farce of denial is supposed to go on is anybody’s guess—no part of the American leadership is prepared to take responsibility in doing the right thing, which is to get the hell out of there. We lost. The Prime Minister of Iraq just told us so, for Christ’s sake snap out of the denial.

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