Wednesday :: Oct 25, 2006

Bush Blusters and Blames

by Mary

Today, George W Bush said he was accountable for Iraq. And yet, nothing going wrong there is his responsibility. After all, sh*t happens. And when it does, it's the fault of the terrorists, or the Democrats who don't understand how dangerous the world is, or the Iraqi government who doesn't seem to realize that the American people don't have unlimited patience, or he finds someone else to yell "Fix this mess." Now he's saying that both Syria and Iran better get on the ball and do something. But the US doesn't need to work with them, they just better do what's good for them.

Ah, didn't Bush use this occasion to show that he is flexible and masterful and in control? And that's why he knows the American people are going to keep the Congress in Republican hands because they are so happy with his leadership. It must be nice to so divorced from reality.

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