Wednesday :: Oct 25, 2006

Scattershot Open Thread

by paradox

A few gems snagged from the currents in the ether:

The housing bubble has popped in California as existing sales plummeted 30% from a year ago.

Pacific Views brings us Reporters Without Borders has pegged the US Press Freedom at #53. In 2002 we were #17; four years of Bush has predictably given us serious regression. What can’t these war felons screw up?

One would think that 225 years into the Republic we’d figure out a way to get our students financing without getting them fleeced and ruined by legal loan sharks. The compounded interest in these stories is heartbreaking, students signing up for usury just for a chance to get an education. The latest bankruptcy law exempts student loans from bankruptcy protection, naturally.

I’m with Jane Hamsher on this one: the alleged surprise from the traditional media toward Rush Limbaugh is simply disgusting. We’ve been listening to this gross animal for nearly 20 years, this sick schtick is way, way old, but it’s never too old for our chattering media class to take him seriously and give him mainstream credibility. Groundhog Day, indeed.

Consider this an Open Thread.

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