Thursday :: Oct 26, 2006

Curt Weldon's Dirty Tricks

by Mary

Curt Weldon was in the news recently because he is under investigation for whether he helped the Russian companies that had hired his daughter's and his friend's lobbying company. This has definitely tightened the race between him and Rear Admiral Joe Sestak. But now, Laura Rozen reports that Weldon's been using his political office to try to find dirt on ex-Navy Admiral Sestak in the Pentagon and even has threatened a military contractor that donated to Sestak's campaign that Weldon would not forget the betrayal. Unfortunately for Weldon, this is not your ordinary down and hard dirty campaigning, it's actually against the law. Fortunately, the citizens of Weldon's district have a chance to hold him accountable soon. And even if they do vote for him, they ought to be aware that he could be joining his friends Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney in the slammer so they'll soon should try to find someone who is not a criminal to represent them.

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