Thursday :: Oct 26, 2006

Thank God We Can All Relax Now: Rummy’s Handling It

by paradox

One of our freshly minted war felons, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, held a remarkable press conference today where he told reporters to “back off,” “Relax,” “honorable people” are working on such a “complicated” war that we chose to start.

It is one of the most arrogant, chilling press conferences I have ever seen, full of outbursts from a desperate old man utterly contemptuous of those who dare to ask questions (“back off”) and the public he serves.

At one point Rumsfeld actually said “Sit back and enjoy the Democracy that's there.” After all the death, mayhem and crimes for this Secretary of Defense to stand there and tell citizens to enjoy it is almost incomprehensible.

Clips of this ranting debacle are already being played far and wide throughout all media forms. It is simply amazing to watch the Republicans make thermonuclear mistakes, one after another, as election day approaches. It’s as if they want to lose.

Think Progress has an excellent video link.

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