Friday :: Oct 27, 2006

GOP Instantly Demonizes Gays Over NJ Court Decision

by Steve

You are free to disagree with me, but the ruling by New Jersey's high court on gay marriage will help the GOP in close races this year, just as the similar decisions at state and local levels did during the 2004 election. The GOP, as expected, jumped at the news from New Jersey to energize their base. We will hear much about gay marriage once again these last ten days from the GOP, all of it aimed at their base, because they have nothing else to use to drive the cultists to the polls this year.

There is already evidence from several polls that such appeals on these "moral values" issues won't work this year to the degree that they worked to drive the GOP base from the pews to the polls in 2004. Even though the message won't work with independent voters, I think it will work once again with the sheeple in the GOP's base just enough to swing these close Senate races. I hope I am wrong, but I think the New Jersey court decision and the GOP's instant manipulation of it with their base will ensure that the the Senate stays in GOP hands.

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