Saturday :: Oct 28, 2006

Open Thread

by Steve

Several items for you to chew on as we start the weekend:

Sensing that the balance of power may be changing in Washington, the business community is dumping millions of dollars into Democratic campaigns at the last minute to buy influence and stave off the Henry Waxmans of the world.

On a related note, Halliburton’s KBR subsidiary is withholding information from the United States government on the level of contracted services it provides. In essence, they are refusing to adhere to their contract, and yet the Vice President continues to take money from this firm.

Echoing what the GOP did in 2004 by using state ballot measures to drive their voters to the polls, Democrats are using state minimum wage and stem cell research ballot propositions in key states to increase turnout.

Things have gotten so bad between the Iraqi government and the Bush Administration that Washington felt it was necessary to issue a joint statement Friday reasserting that both sides were still working together, even as the Iraqis said that the American focus on the militias rather than Al Qaeda was misplaced.

Watch Lynne Cheney lose it and lie her way through a meltdown on CNN Friday.

Lastly, just how hypocritical is it for the party that shielded Mark Foley for five years to now incite their base with fear of a "homosexual agenda" should the Democrats take over? In every district where the NRCC runs such ads I want Rahm Emanuel to counter with ads reminding voters that it was the Congressional Republicans who put the safety of a homosexual child predator ahead of the safety of teenagers.

OK, it’s your turn.

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