Saturday :: Oct 28, 2006

Letter From California

by paradox

10/26/06 0510.51 pst
San Jose, California

One pictured Mr Bush looking under a piece of furniture in the Oval Office, at which the president remarked: "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere."

After another one, showing him scouring the corner of a room, Mr Bush said: "No, no weapons over there," he said.

And as a third picture, this time showing him leaning over, appeared on the screen the president was heard to say: "Maybe under here?"

California fatalities US Iraq War as of 10/26/06:

Alameda Boyles, Aaron Lance Corporal 24-Sep-2004
Alpine Perry, Joseph W. Sergeant 02-Oct-2006
Alta Loma Isshak, Daniel Staff Sergeant 03-Oct-2006
American Canyon West, Phillip G. Lance Corporal 19-Nov-2004
Anaheim Lee, Samuel S Private 1st Class 28-Mar-2005
Anaheim Briones Jr., Pablito Pena Seaman 28-Dec-2004
Anaheim Henry, Raymond L. Private 1st Class 25-Apr-2006
Antioch Schelle, Daniel R. Staff Sergeant 24-Sep-2005
Apple Valley Sickels, Kenneth L. Private 1st Class 27-Sep-2004
Aptos Jones-Huffman, Kylan A. Lieutenant 21-Aug-2003
Arcadia Colnot, Kyle A. Sergeant 22-Apr-2006
Arleta Ayon, Eric A. Private 1st Class 09-Apr-2004
Arroyo Grande Mora, Michael A. Private 1st Class 14-May-2004
Auburn Mizener, Jesse D. Private 1st Class 07-Jan-2004
Auburn Waters, David L. Private 14-Oct-2004
Azusa Harris-Kelly, Leroy Private 1st Class 20-Apr-2004
Bakersfield Perry, David S. Staff Sergeant 10-Aug-2003
Bakersfield Villatoro Jr., Ramon A. Private 1st Class 24-Jul-2005
Bakersfield Farr, Clay P. Specialist 26-Feb-2006
Bakersfield Baroncini, Jr., Lester Domenico Sergeant 15-Oct-2006
Baldwin Park Haro Marin Jr., Atanasio Sergeant 03-Jun-2003
Baldwin Park Salas, Rudy Corporal 20-May-2004
Banning Palmer, Joshua M. 1st Lieutenant 08-Apr-2004
Barstow Hayes, James F. Sergeant 1st Class 06-Nov-2005
Bay Point Hodges, Erick J. Lance Corporal 10-Nov-2004
Bell Gardens Mora, Jose L. Specialist 24-Oct-2003
Benicia/Vallejo Shumney, Dustin M. 1st Lieutenant 26-Jan-2005
Bloomington Blanco, Joseph A. Corporal 11-Apr-2006
Blythe Taylor III, Norman R. Sergeant 17-Oct-2006
Calexico Silva, Alfredo B. Sergeant 15-Sep-2005
Calexico Acosta, Steven Private 1st Class 26-Oct-2003
Caliente Zanutto, Adam O. Corporal 06-Mar-2006
Campbell Estep, Adam W. Sergeant 29-Apr-2004
Canyon Country Larsen, Cole W. Private 1st Class 13-Nov-2004
Carlsbad Watkins, Glenn J. Specialist 05-Apr-2005
Castro Valley Johnson, Robert S. Staff Sergeant 21-Dec-2004
Ceres NavarroArellano, Juana Lance Corporal 08-Apr-2006
Chico Clark, Arron R. Specialist 05-Dec-2003
Chino Marencoreyes, Douglas Jose Corporal 18-May-2003
Chino Simpson, Abraham Lance Corporal 09-Nov-2004
Chino Nolasco, Marcos O. Specialist 18-May-2004
Chula Vista Silva, Erik Hernandez Corporal 03-Apr-2003
Chula Vista Idanan, Michael J. Specialist 19-Nov-2005
Chula Vista Bachar, Salem Corporal 13-Apr-2006
Citrus Heights Hines, Keicia M. Sergeant 13-Jan-2004
Clovis Hubbard, Jared P. Lance Corporal 04-Nov-2004
Clovis Butterfield, Anthony E. Lance Corporal 29-Jul-2006
Concord Zieske, Benjamin T. Private 1st Class 03-May-2006
Concord Nygardbekowsky, Mick R. Corporal 06-Sep-2004
Constantinople Buzzard, Jason J. Sergeant 21-Jun-2006
Corcoran Orosco, Adrian N. Sergeant 09-Dec-2005
Corona Young, Ryan C. Sergeant 02-Dec-2003
Corona Castro, Jonathan Specialist 21-Dec-2004
Cottonwood Turner Jr., Thomas B. Sergeant 14-Jul-2006
Covina Johnson, Stephen P. Corporal 26-Jan-2005
Covina Creed, Matthew W. Specialist 22-Oct-2006
Culver City Payton, George J. Lance Corporal 14-Nov-2004
Cutler Chavez Jr., Javier Private 1st Class 09-Feb-2006
Cypress Daclan Jr., Edgar P. Specialist 10-Sep-2004
Delano Orozco, Osbaldo 1st Lieutenant 25-Apr-2003
Discovery Bay Graves, Joseph A. Specialist 25-Jul-2006
El Centro Montes, Luis A. Sergeant 07-Sep-2006
El Dorado Shuder, Brad S. Lance Corporal 12-Apr-2004
El Monte Casanova, Jose Private 1st Class 13-Oct-2003
El Segundo Kenyon, Rex C. Chief Warrant Officer 3 16-Jan-2006
Elk Grove Johnson, Ty J. Specialist 04-Apr-2006
Escondido Gannon II, Richard J. Captain 17-Apr-2004
Escondido Beckstrand, James L. Specialist 29-Apr-2004
Escondido Suarez del Solar, Jesus Alberto Lance Corporal 27-Mar-2003
Eureka LaMont, Andrew David Captain 19-May-2003
Exeter Unger, Daniel Paul Private 1st Class 25-May-2004
Fair Oaks Acosta, Genaro Specialist 11-Nov-2003
Fallbrook Pena-Romero, Jorge Luis Staff Sergeant 16-Jul-2005
Fallbrook Sonoda Jr., Mike T. Specialist 22-Sep-2005
Folsom Barnhill, Michael S. 1st Sergeant 28-May-2005
Foothill Ranch Pollard, Justin W. Specialist 30-Dec-2003
Foster City Dang, Andrew S. Lance Corporal 22-Mar-2004
Freedom Hendrix, Jason R. Staff Sergeant 16-Feb-2005
Fremont Layfield, Travis J. Lance Corporal 06-Apr-2004
Fremont Willey, Cheyenne C. Specialist 23-Dec-2005
Fresno Rangel, Jose C. Staff Sergeant 23-Jan-2005
Fresno Baro, Jeremiah A. Corporal 04-Nov-2004
Fresno Reali, Regina C. Sergeant 23-Dec-2005
Garden Grove Monsoor, Michael A. Petty Officer 2nd Class 29-Sep-2006
Gilroy Ailes, Jeramy A. Lance Corporal 15-Nov-2004
Glendale Ravago IV, Rel A. Specialist 23-Nov-2003
Grass Valley Lucente, John A. "JT" Lance Corporal 16-Nov-2005
Heber Manzano, Pablo Private 1st Class 25-Aug-2003
Hemet Chappell, Jason K. Specialist 24-Jan-2004
Hemet Estrella, Michael A. Corporal 14-Jun-2006
Hemet Stanton Jr., Kenny F. Private 1st Class 13-Oct-2006
Hemet Sare, Charles O. Hospital Corpsman 23-Oct-2006
Hesperia Hernandez, Armando Specialist 01-Aug-2004
Huntington Beach Glimpse, Marcus S. Lance Corporal 12-Apr-2006
Huntington Beach James, William C. Corporal 09-Nov-2004
Huntington Park Romero, Ramon Private 1st Class 22-Aug-2005
Huntington Park Contreras, Andres J. Sergeant 15-Jul-2006
Huntington Park Tejeda, Luis E. Corporal 30-Sep-2006
Imperial Cherry, Marcus M. Lance Corporal 06-Apr-2004
Indio Gonzalez, Jesus Angel Corporal 12-Apr-2003
Irvine Horn, Sean Private 1st Class 19-Jun-2004
Irvine Soltes Jr., Charles R. Major 13-Oct-2004
Irvine Taylor, Keith Edward Lieutenant Commander 29-Jan-2005
Irvine Probst, Michael S. Lance Corporal 14-Feb-2006
La Habra Lopez Lopez, Hugo R. Lance Corporal 27-Jan-2006
La Mesa Adams, Thomas Mullen Lieutenant 22-Mar-2003
La Puente Corniel, Marcelino Ronald Sergeant 31-Dec-2005
La Puente LaBouff, Douglas A. Major 07-Jan-2006
Lake Elsinore Parker, Daniel R. Private 1st Class 12-Aug-2003
Lake Hughes Stewart, Ian W. Corporal 12-Dec-2004
Lancaster Walker, Allan K. Staff Sergeant 06-Apr-2004
Lancaster Clark, Ryan. J. Corporal 29-Jun-2006
Lancaster Leon, Christopher D. Corporal 20-Jun-2006
Lathrop Vega, Michael W. 1st Lieutenant 20-Mar-2004
Le Grand Granados, Cesar A. Corporal 15-Sep-2006
Lemoore Bow, Jeremy D. Lance Corporal 30-Oct-2004
Livingston Lau, Karina S. Private 1st Class 02-Nov-2003
Lodi Hagy Jr., Guy Stanley Staff Sergeant 13-Sep-2004
Lomita Diaz Varela, Sergio R. Specialist 24-Nov-2004
Lompoc Argel, Derek Captain 30-May-2005
Long Beach Torres, George D. Private 1st Class 11-Apr-2004
Long Beach Marcus Jr., Lyndon A. Private 1st Class 03-May-2004
Long Beach Davis Jr., Anthony J. Sergeant 23-Apr-2005
Long Beach Collins, Randy D. Sergeant 1st Class 24-May-2005
Long Beach Castellano, Stephen A. Private 1st Class 28-Jan-2005
Long Beach Guerra, Ernesto R. Private 29-Jul-2005
Long Beach Martinez Salazar, Roberto L. Specialist 04-Feb-2006
Los Angeles Garcia-Arana, Juan de Dios Staff Sergeant 30-Apr-2005
Los Angeles Menyweather, Eddie E. Staff Sergeant 23-Nov-2003
Los Angeles Gonzalez, Benjamin R. Lance Corporal 29-May-2004
Los Angeles Penamedina, Abraham D. Staff Sergeant 27-Apr-2004
Los Angeles Marshall, John Winston Sergeant 1st Class 08-Apr-2003
Los Angeles Martinez-Flores, Francisco Abraham Private 1st Class 27-Mar-2003
Los Angeles Gonzalez, Jorge Alonso Corporal 23-Mar-2003
Los Angeles Lu, Victor R. Lance Corporal 13-Nov-2004
Los Angeles Martinezluis, Trinidad R. Sergeant 28-Nov-2004
Los Angeles Figueroa, Luis A. Lance Corporal 18-Nov-2004
Los Angeles Razani, Omead H. Specialist 27-Aug-2004
Los Angeles Lopez, Edgar E. Sergeant 28-Aug-2004
Los Angeles Villanueva, Joselito O. Sergeant 1st Class 27-Sep-2004
Los Angeles Sandoval-Flores, Felipe D. Lance Corporal 02-Apr-2006
Los Angeles Guerrero, Salvador Lance Corporal 09-Jun-2006
Los Angeles Abad, Roberto Corporal 06-Aug-2004
Los Angeles Perez, Geoffrey Private 1st Class 15-Aug-2004
Los Angeles Muy, Veashna Lance Corporal 23-Jun-2005
Los Angeles Pineda, Carlos Corporal 24-Jun-2005
Los Angeles Whitley, Dion M. Lance Corporal 15-Jun-2005
Los Angeles Monzon Jr., Milton M. Sergeant 24-Jul-2005
Los Angeles area Nason, Christopher G. Chief Warrant Officer (CW2) 23-Nov-2003
Los Angeles/Rosemead Arrelano Pandura, Carlos Corporal 20-Jan-2006
Mission Viejo Tran, Quoc Binh Specialist 07-Nov-2004
Mission Viejo Crocker, Ricardo A. Major 26-May-2005
Modesto Sanchez, Oscar Private 1st Class 29-Dec-2004
Modesto Anderson, Michael D. Corporal 14-Dec-2004
Modesto Long, Bunny Lance Corporal 10-Mar-2006
Modesto Simons, Aaron William Lance Corporal 24-Apr-2006
Monrovia Mercado, Raul Lance Corporal 07-Jan-2006
Moreno Valley Richardson, William D. Corporal 03-Apr-2005
Moreno Valley Tetrault, Jason Lance Corporal 09-Jul-2003
Mountain View Ballard, Kenneth Michael 1st Lieutenant 30-May-2004
Napa Bosselmann, Kirk J. Corporal 27-Nov-2004
National City Burdick, Richard A. Staff Sergeant 10-Dec-2003
Norwalk Rodriguez, Jose F. Gonzalez Private 1st Class 12-May-2003
Novato Fuhrmann II, Ray M. Specialist 18-Aug-2005
Oceanside Tainsh, Patrick S. Sergeant 11-Feb-2004
Oceanside Neubauer, Paul C. Sergeant 23-Sep-2005
Oceanside Herrera, David L. Sergeant 28-Jan-2006
Ontario Perez, Jose R. Not reported yet 18-Oct-2006
Orange Bertolino, Stephen A. Staff Sergeant 29-Nov-2003
Orange Wine, Trevor A. Specialist 01-May-2004
Orange Garibay, Jose Angel Corporal 23-Mar-2003
Oxnard Luna, Kevin M. Private 1st Class 27-Jan-2005
Oxnard Ortega, Elijah M. Private 26-Sep-2005
Oxnard Espiritu, Allan M. Petty Officer 2nd Class 01-Nov-2005
Pasadena Escobar, Sergio H. Lance Corporal 08-Oct-2005
Pico Rivera Mora Jr., Arthur A. Sergeant 19-Oct-2005
Placentia Harrell, William M. Staff Sergeant 08-Apr-2004
Pomona Baez, Cesar O. Petty Officer 2nd Class 15-Jun-2005
Pomona Guy, Shaker T. Sergeant 29-Oct-2005
Pomona Gudino, Sergio Specialist 25-Dec-2005
Porterville Mitchell, Michael W. Sergeant 04-Apr-2004
Ramona Ojeda, Ramon C. Specialist 01-May-2004
Rancho Cucamonga Paine, Mark C. Captain 15-Oct-2006
Redding LaWare, Casey M. Private 1st Class 09-Apr-2005
Redlands Widner, Vernon R. Specialist 17-Nov-2005
Redlands Gunterman, Hannah L. Private 1st Class 04-Sep-2006
Redondo Beach Brock, Sean Lee Captain 02-Feb-2005
Reedley Lusk II, Joe Fenton Captain 21-Jan-2005
Rialto Molina Bautista, Jorge A. Staff Sergeant 23-May-2004
Rialto Santos, Luis D. Specialist 08-Jun-2006
Ridgecrest Jenkins, Troy David Sergeant 24-Apr-2003
Riverside Bryant, Todd J. 2nd Lieutenant 31-Oct-2003
Riverside Tyson, Andre D. 1st Lieutenant 22-Jun-2004
Riverside Hunt, Justin T. Lance Corporal 06-Jul-2004
Riverside Cutter, Brian K. Private 1st Class 13-May-2004
Riverside Morrow, Jason W. Corporal 27-Jun-2006
Roseville Silva, Sean A. Private 09-Oct-2003
Sacramento Stevens, Joseph W. Staff Sergeant 24-Jan-2005
Sacramento Duplantier II, Arnold Sergeant 22-Jun-2005
Sacramento Lawson, Issac S. Specialist 05-Jun-2006
San Bernardino Grilley, Sean R. Corporal 16-Oct-2003
San Bernardino Alvarez, Nicanor Corporal 21-Aug-2004
San Bernardino Watkins, Timothy D. Specialist 15-Oct-2005
San Bruno Zawaydeh, Angelo A. Private 1st Class 15-Mar-2006
San Clemente Miersandoval, Eliu A. Sergeant 31-Jan-2004
San Diego Peralta, Rafael Sergeant 15-Nov-2004
San Diego Ragimov, Mourad Lance Corporal 26-Jan-2005
San Diego Ramirez, Eric U. Specialist 12-Feb-2004
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