Saturday :: Oct 28, 2006

NRCC Spending Money To Defend "Safe" Seats

by Steve

I noted yesterday that Karl Rove has been pooh-poohing the national polls that show Democrats with increasing generic ballot leads in favor of "his" polls and his "math" which shows the GOP maintaining both houses. But one indicator of how well things are going that Rove cannot dispute is where the GOP national committees decide to spend their money in the remaining days of the race. To that end, note what Josh Marshall has dug up, which is that the NRCC dumped $7 million yesterday, part of which was to defend several safe red-state seats containing GOP incumbents previously thought beyond risk.

Tell me Karl, if things are going so well, why is the money being spent in safe GOP seats? Why does Chuck Todd at the Hotline think that the 30 most likely seats to change hands are all GOP seats?

Heckuva job Karl.

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