Saturday :: Oct 28, 2006

Tammy Duckworth is Doing Well

by paradox
tammy duckworth

For reasons I’m not getting into I have been extremely discerning about who I have donated to this year; I am only giving twice to politicians and this afternoon I finally chose Tammy Duckworth, IL-06. $50.

I have been watching carefully all year, and was recently notified of reputable Democratic pollster Mark Blumenthal having her up by 1, 44-43 (Bennett, Petts and Blumenthal, October 23-24, 400 voters).

Tammy Duckworth is precisely the kind of veteran and woman this country desperately needs to get back on Democratic track. She has my full trust and total endorsement.

I pray for her safety and victory. Go, Tammy, go!

Duckworth campaign site

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