Sunday :: Oct 29, 2006

Broken Republic

by paradox

I was born at a time when the middle class could still squeeze a good life from Great Society investments: an excellent public education, infrastructure that was not choked or crumbling, abundant food, fun public parks to enjoy, and a general empirical knowledge that even though Americans had problems all around you was the very best the human race could produce, no one did modern life better than Americans. Things got progressively harder on the middle class (my Mom, too, went back to work with three kids, aged 5, 7 & 9) but things still worked, wherever we where America was still always the humming democracy machine, slicing easily through a fun future.

How jarring it is to see the American republic in this moment smashed and sputtering, so pathetic it’s almost puzzling in its gross ineptness. Half of the story is a weird existence of denial: the American “journalism” corps yammers along as if we still had a functioning country, nothing wrong here at all. But the United States is completely busted, if one knows where to watch it all happened again last week.

The base of the story, of course, came in over the internet Wednesday, cross-posted at The Daily Kos from a citizen writer/reporter (blogger, if you insist) “smintheus,” who, for whatever reason, pays acute unwavering attention to right-wing interviews. Dick Cheney got real comfortable and himself with some hack, confirming waterboarding torture was a “no-brainer” and that the US in fact performed it as policy.

Broken republic. Cheney is already a war felon via the lying reasons for starting the Iraq disaster, yet here is an American vice president openly admitting the US tortures, it’s as plain as day why it’s the great American way.

Torture is a violation of the Geneva Convention, which as a ratified treaty is the law of our land. What we have here is a multiple felon who feels no constraints at all in doing anything he wants to, including using nuclear weapons on Iran. Not…one…Founding Father would do anything but recoil from Dick Cheney in total horror.

The press and the Democrats did not, broken republic, but the truth simply could not be hidden with the bloggers and the internet, so with enough insistence the “journalism” corps finally covered the story.

In a fantasy of credibility the White House simply decided to tell all black is white, the world is flat, the US doesn’t torture. In this broken republic it’s amazing how “elected” public officials will flat-out lie to your face on the most basic tenets of reality.

One watches a servile, busted “journalism” corps writhe, thrash and desperately fight back with themselves and their corporate masters, only in the end to produce text that might show the truth, never that they and the American public have just been grossly lied to again. They can’t even bring themselves to publish the word l-i-a-r, Jesus what sickening chumps.

Then the matter just dies. Corporate “journalism” instantly reasserts itself and the discussion moves to more lying, this time how the Democrats play just as rough as the GOP.

It’s pathetic how these goons in the “journalism” corps assume their propaganda techniques are not instantly recognized, how they blithely assume American citizens and the world will swallow their bullshit. In a country that’s broken “journalism” just doesn’t give a shit how terrible they are as they facilitate smashing us into one disaster after another.

In just four days the highest leadership is empirically shown to be run amok, Democrats and “journalists” are mute, the story comes out anyway, is denied in ludicrous fantasy, and finally the matter will just be dropped. Oh yeah, this is a functioning country.

Can a fresh Democratic Congress bring the country back? Unlikely with the “journalism” corps still captured in corporate greed, but in that steel blanket of propaganda lies is a weave of unlikely truth: Steve Olbermann.

What in the hell is that patriot journalist doing there, braying the Truth from the bowels of corporate media? It’s a very good question: in all this terrible dysfunction, how is it that there’s a tiny part of the country that works as it’s supposed to?

Hope, too, is always found with the truth from our citizen writers, and even if Bush will still be president Democrats in charge of Congress may be able to stop the republic from being smashed further. Hope will have to be enough to keep working for just that possibility.

Still, hope cannot obviate what are extremely sad days in the history of the race and the country as the republic exists broken like this. The corporate media can desperately try to blast forth all the denial they can, but most citizens starkly see the utter failure, clearly remember days of sane functionality, and desperately hope for change from all the lying bloody insanity.

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