Monday :: Oct 30, 2006

Might as Well Die With Your Boots On

by paradox

One supposes the sight and stories of George Bush hiding in the White House for the last nine days of the midterms twanged the limbic nodes of a desperate political team—a week of mocking and sneering would have to be the worst possible nightmare for the GOP, so blindly, like a horse going over a cliff, The White House sent out George Bush (the primary factor in their imminent loss) to lose ever more boldly than before.

"If you listen carefully for a Democrat plan for success, they don't have one. Iraq is the central front in the war on terror, yet they don't have a plan for victory," he said. Never mind that nobody gives a shit about success when all hope for it was lost years ago.

Never mind we are universally spit upon for having a war felon Executive who lies when his lips move. Never mind the 2,800 dead and 22,000 wounded for nothing but the lesson never to trust a Republican again. Never mind the 100,000—600,000 Iraqis dead, men, women and children who had done nothing, absolutely nothing, to us. Never mind the utter chaos engulfing the country in appalling morbid regularity. Never mind the vast $1 trillion dollar fortune squandered for nothing but misery. Never mind junking the Bill of Rights so this lying idiot can then screw things up yet even more.

George Bush and his Republican Congress have gotten everything they ever wanted to prosecute this war for nearly four years and utterly failed the entire time, we beat the Germans and the Japanese faster! There is no success or winning here, there never will be!

How could there be? After Abu Ghraib, Democrats, what’s the plan?

The plan is to never let your criminal pea brain ever near the welfare of our soldiers again, George Bush. The plain is to get the hell out of there and hope 2 divisions parked in Kuwait somehow stop the entire region from going berserk. The plan is to elect a Democratic President in 2008 who spends a year touring the world demonstrating to everyone that the US can indeed elect a real human who can speak the truth. They might trust us again in 20 years.

The plan is to get all of our soldiers home as soon as possible to heal. The plan is to get the US Army back home so we still have an Army—and a Marine Corps too. The plan is to stop bankrupting our future and start believing and investing in our own people again.

Go get ‘em, George. You want to do Harry Reid’s job for him, go right ahead.

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