Monday :: Oct 30, 2006

Why The GOP Doesn't Care About Election Fraud

by Steve

Well, it’s started already: the reports of faulty voting machines registering Republican votes instead of the Democratic votes intended by the voters. In Texas and Florida, there are reports of voting machines seemingly preprogrammed to register GOP votes in instances of early voting.

Reports of voting irregularities, sold as “glitches” and not fraud, don’t bother Republicans, as a recent Gallup poll showed. Even though a large majority of respondents felt that voting fraud was very possible in national elections, the partisan split on that question showed that the GOP wasn’t concerned, whereas a majority of Democrats were, as well as independents.

Why is voting fraud dismissed by Republicans, and why are the documented reports of the problems in both the 2000 and 2004 national elections ignored by Republicans? Because they know they control the machinery and because to them, all that matters in the modern GOP culture is winning and staying in power. One of the great successes that Rove and Company have achieved is to condition millions of the cultists to accept the overriding principle that winning is everything. To them, there is an assumed virtue in any and all GOP attempts to stay in power, because the cultists have been convinced that they are saving the country by using any means possible to prevent the Democrats from taking control again.

Thus, our constitution can be bent and wars can be started killing thousands of innocents without the slightest whimper from the cultists and the trolls. To them, the end justifies the means to keep the country strong and to empower our Dear Leader in the face of the Democratic challenge here at home and the terrorist challenge overseas. That’s the point: the cultists and the trolls have been conditioned to believe that terrorists and Democrats are one in the same, both threats to this country that must be stopped at all costs. Rigging elections through machinery run by GOP contributors that allows for Democratic votes to be counted as GOP votes, without accountability or security is to them a minor annoyance to be ignored as long as the end result is the same: GOP victory here at home and for America abroad.

Turning this country into a banana republic to maintain power doesn’t bother the trolls or the cultists, as long as they are on the winning side. They happily lap up the propaganda-as-news from Fox, accept every pronouncement from the White House as truth, and instantly disregard anything they hear from the media if it contradicts the GOP talking points because groupthink is much easier than independent thought. Rove knows that millions of Americans would rather go about their everyday lives and be left alone, as long as they feel they are being protected from threats here at home and overseas. And this “let us worry about everything” mindset is sold every day with a “we are right, they are wrong” message that numbs them to any possibility that they have made a mistake.

And on and on it goes.

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