Monday :: Oct 30, 2006

October Is Deadliest Month Since January 2005

by Steve

Reuters photo of the family of Eduardo Lopez, mourning his needless death in Iraq

October has become the deadliest month for American forces since January 2005, as two more US personnel died yesterday, bringing the total this month to 101. Thirty-three Iraqis were killed in Sadr City, even though American forces have cordoned off the area for a week looking for a missing American soldier. So even when we supposedly secure an area, we show the Shiites that we can't secure anything, leading them to insist that they be fully responsible for their own security. If this cordon continues, Muqtada al-Sadr has now pledged that he will rise up against the Americans, and do so at an inopportune time, like right before next week’s election.

But why should we expect the Bush Administration to figure a way out of Iraq when they have no idea what happened to hundreds of thousands of weapons we’ve shipped to their security forces? For all we know, these missing weapons, like the explosives that were stolen right out from under our noses at the start of the war, are being used against our forces now.

As Bush went to safely red districts today to try and save a few GOP seats, Democrats responded to his usual attacks with a new string of attack ads of their own on his criminal dereliction of duty in Iraq.

And yet none of this will matter to the family of Marine Corps Lance Corporal Eduardo Lopez, who will never return to his mom and siblings, thanks to George W. Bush, a man who avoided combat by hanging onto a barstool in Alabama.

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