Tuesday :: Oct 31, 2006

Waive Goodbye To Crazy Curt

by Steve

There is political justice after all. The NRCC scaled back its expenditures today in three GOP House races, waiving the white flag a week before the election. One of those GOP candidates who were given the heave-ho by the national committee was none other that Pennsylvania’s Curt Weldon.

Signaling retreat, House Republicans are scaling back television advertising in three highly contested races, officials said Tuesday, including Rep. Curt Weldon's scandal-tinged bid for re-election in Pennsylvania and open seats in Colorado and Ohio.
In contrast to the Republican strategic retreat, House Democrats are expanding the number of districts where they are advertising, an indication of growing confidence as Election Day approaches. In recent days, the party's campaign committee has moved into districts in New Hampshire, New York, Kansas and Nebraska that have long been in GOP hands.
Weldon, a 10-term lawmaker who appeared to be cruising to re-election not long ago, has become ensnared in a federal corruption investigation. The government is investigating allegations that he used his influence to help his daughter's lobbying firm secure contracts worth $1 million from foreign clients. The FBI recently raided his daughter's home and office in what Weldon termed a politically motivated inquiry.
There may be more and more of these stories between now and the election. Keep in mind that the GOP national committees are not running short of money; it’s just that the Democrats have spread them very thin by challenging them everywhere, and the GOP must toss overboard those candidates that don’t merit help as compared to others.
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