Wednesday :: Nov 1, 2006

Kerry Buries It - Boehner Blames The Generals, Not Rummy

by Steve


Kerry snuffs out the story by apologizing, after Hillary took a shot at him in a bit of 2008 positioning.

“Senator Kerry’s apology to the troops for his insulting comments came late but it was the right thing to do,” White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said.
She said it was too soon to say whether the White House would now stop noting the controversy. “We’ll see,” Perino said. “Once he has apologized, I don’t know that there is anything more to say.”
Moments after Kerry issued his statement, House Majority Leader John Boehner said, “I think he has apologized. It sounds good enough.” He spoke on CNN.

Thanks for that blessing Boehner. By the way, what war did you fight in? Oh, that's right. You were 18 in 1967 and managed to stay away from Vietnam, but today you know enough about war and the military to exonerate Rummy and blame the generals for Iraq.

And if anyone should apologize, it is Bush, who picked the same day that Cheney tweaked Kerry again to tell voters less than a week before the election that Cheney and Rummy are doing fine. These are the two architects of the disaster that has plagued our troops. Bush’s timing seems to be heading downhill as well. He must actually think that making this statement of support today will help him with the cultists.

Back to Boehner: Our candidates can demand to know from their GOP opponents if they blame the troops instead of the administration. Why does the GOP and the White House demand an apology from Kerry yesterday, if it is OK for the GOP Majority Leader to discredit the generals today? And will the media cover such a story over the next two news cycles like they covered the Kerry story?

Hat tip to John at Americablog for the Boehner boner.

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