Thursday :: Nov 2, 2006

GOP's Legal Troubles Could Tip The House By Itself

by Steve

While other reporters allow themselves to carry water for the GOP a third day on the Kerry story, the Post’s Jonathan Weisman and Jeffrey Birnbaum penned a story in today’s paper that tallies up how many GOP House members have been implicated by scandal or possible legal troubles, and notes that the GOP could lose the House simply from losing those seats.

Indictments, investigations and allegations of wrongdoing have helped put at least 15 Republican House seats in jeopardy, enough to swing control to the Democrats on Tuesday even before the larger issues of war, economic unease and President Bush are invoked.

It’s a fair piece that correctly notes this is a bipartisan problem, with three Democrats also facing similar problems, but nowhere near to the same degree as Bush’s GOP. And this is before national issues like Iraq and the economy play into these races.

There is an effective narrative for the Democrats to use in the closing days of the campaign, one that makes the case for a Democratic congress to be elected as a check and balance against an administration that, as the New York Times' blistering lead editorial today noted, is more about division and fear than unity and governing effectively. This country can no longer afford to allow George W. Bush and the GOP to have a blank check from a rubber stamp Congress while our treasury is being looted, our soldiers are used as play things, and while we here at home are relegated to the haves and have nots.

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