Friday :: Nov 3, 2006

Bush Helps Terrorists

by Steve

Besides Iraq, another good narrative between now and Tuesday is this: a vote for a GOP Congress and in support of the Bush Administration helps terrorists. Simply put, Bush is the best recruiter and enabler Al Qaeda has.

As we first mentioned last night, for purely political reasons his administration and the House and Senate GOP intelligence committee chairs insisted that Iraqi documents which were in essence cookbooks on how to build WMDs be put on the internet on a government website. Yet no one inside the most secretive and restrictive administration ever apparently screened these documents. And the one CIA entity that could have been quietly tracking any increase in Iranian weapons activity, Brewster Jennings, was destroyed by the Vice President’s outing of Valerie Plame.

An administration that refuses to tell its citizens what happened at the Vice President’s Energy Task Force; that has systematically screened and pulled public documents out of the public domain to avoid political embarrassment and restrict the public’s right to know; that has screened and pulled documents about public health and environmental protection out of the public domain to protect industry; now has such laxity on national security that they have enabled terrorists to learn how to build WMDs.

In Iraq, Bush has created a terrorist training ground and haven where none existed before. Not only has the administration helped arm the insurgents and foreign terrorists inside Iraq by not protecting Saddam’s weapons stockpiles, but they then lost track of thousands of weapons and arms we shipped to the Iraqis the last several years. Bush hasn’t sealed the borders, allowing more and more foreigners to infiltrate the country and fight our troops. So he is directly responsible for providing those forces aligned against us with the arms and the additional forces they are using against our troops.

In Afghanistan, Bush and his Defense Secretary walked away from catching Osama Bin Laden not once, but twice (Tora Bora and Waziristan). They walked away from finishing the job against the Taliban to divert resources towards Iraq in early 2002. Rumsfeld also refused to provide troops for a drug eradication program, thereby allowing the Taliban to regain strength and the financial backing to undermine the Afghanistan government, providing a renewed haven for Al Qaeda.

Yet Bush declares his full support the remaining years of his presidency for these two architects of all these terrorist-enabling measures.

The administration’s national security breach in allowing these documents to be posted on a government website as a political stunt with the full support of the GOP intelligence committee chairs and the president, without anyone adequately screening them cries out for a Democratic Congress-led investigation or even a Special Counsel.

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