Friday :: Nov 3, 2006

Mid-Morning Update

by Steve

AP photo of Bush peddling the snake oil to the cultists and Jim Talent today

Bush has resorted to challenging Democrats to say what their plan is for Iraq. Exactly what the hell is your plan, Mr. President, since neither Americans nor the Iraqis seem to have a clue what it is either.

As nearly five-dozen more bodies turned up on Baghdad streets today, we lost another seven Americans just yesterday. I wonder how the Pentagon will spin this.

Nope, you won’t see the House Ethics Committee report on the GOP cover-up of Mark Foley until after the election. But then, you expected this anyway, right?

If the GOP doesn’t systematically steal some races next Tuesday through the electronic voting machines they control through their campaign contributors at Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia, they’ll just make it harder for Democrats to vote through new voter ID requirements.

Judge Reggie Walton tossed out Scooter Libby’s memory expert and undercut a key defense strategy after Patrick Fitzgerald destroyed her credibility on the stand last week.

If Rove and Bush are counting on the cultists to come from the pews to the polls again to vote for the GOP and support Bush’s failed foreign policy, they might be in for a big surprise Tuesday.

The Brits think that Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong Il.

Yes, he’s 90 years old tomorrow, but the man says he would prefer to still be doing the nightly news himself rather than doing the lead-in for Katie every night. As a result, here’s my question of the morning: given the sorry state of network and cable news these days, if CNN or CNBC created their own nightly news broadcast with Walter Cronkite, would you watch it? I sure as hell would.

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