Saturday :: Nov 4, 2006

Letter From California

by paradox

11/04/06 0415.41 pst
San Jose, California

Watching an American political tsunami gather strength and eventually crash into DC, producing many Republican corpses, was supposed to be a happy and joyous week. Seeing Ricky Santorum drown in his own blood was fun for a few minutes, but soon a creeping apprehension and gloom, not cackling Machiavellian glee, took hold as he slowly gagged, thrashing desperately in the raging flood.

Many satisfactory Republican corpses will be produced, yes, but a tsunami can be a bitch to live through, and they always leave behind an incredible mess.

“Anybody up for some econ?” Duncan Black plaintively asked as the bell rang Tuesday for the final seven days. Poor Duncan—young, extremely talented, at the helm for a week of blazing work, accomplishment and attention in the hot new publication realm—was too honest not too acknowledge the last week of American elections are rankly embarrassing in their democratic debasement.

It is embarrassing. What the fuck happened to the four generations of super brains from the Ivy League? Did they all emigrate? What about all the other legions of incredibly smart, educated, driven Americans? How is it in this land of super smart innovation and change we got the Unitard Executive? Jesus.

Even with just the House won the liberal netroots will live through a Majority leadership transition for the first time. There could be problems with the House whip, and a lot of feelings could get hurt if a likely backroom deal knifes the base. It’s inevitable in a changing party process, but the howling from the blogs as the Democrats reorganize is going to be fearful.

The American corporate propaganda press is going to turn on a dime and instantly hold Democrats accountable, combatively questioning everything as they desperately crank up the mighty wurlitzer with distraction, frivolity and babbling mendacity. It will keep us busy but not many bloggers envisioned a life of desperately trying to clean up huge piles of American journalism horseshit year after year, day after day.

Far, far worst of all is the looming battles with our little freak war felon President and his puppet master, shoot ‘em in the face toothpick Dick Cheney. Our furtive corporate media whores have done an extremely good job hiding the fact the Executive of the United States is completely out of control and is smashing the Republic in plain sight as we speak, but just how far gone the United States has slipped toward fascism will now be plain for all to see.

What happens if Bush says to Henry Waxman we’re in a time of war, California war-voting dude, you were stupid enough to give me this super-duper power, so watch me knife you with it. In a time of war your piece of Congressional subpoena power doesn’t mean shit—try to stop me and the “journalism” corps will flay you alive with my lies. Go ahead, make me screw up the country even more. What loads of fun that's going to be.

Over all this ugly democratic dysfunction looms the bloody, lying, failing Iraq War. The United States has lost, lost the war, the ability to tell the truth to itself and tactical control of the theatre. Every day spent in denial kills more Iraqis and our troops and notches up the extreme dangers yet again.

One glorious day of truth all Americans will leave Iraq forever, two armored mechanized divisions parked in Kuwait and three Nimitz battle groups cruising the Arabian Sea. It will be a chaotic, horrifyingly bloody last wave of the tsunami, Democrats desperately trying to control the uncontrollable while Bush haplessly is written off as the worst president the United States has ever had, tens of thousands of corpses stacked ever higher.

We’ll be lucky if the Middle East doesn’t erupt in flames or the Strait of Hormuz stays open, but it could happen. Bush and Cheney are out of control and creating a mess that will take fifty years to clean up, but there is still a chance for the Republic, a great chance.

It will not make the tsunami cleanup any easier or better, yet at least there is a future. But for our soldiers who have died, for the Iraqis who have died, for their loved ones seared with eternal grief, for those broken forever from horrible wounds, the future as we think of it has been blasted away forever with a sentence of deep pain. As a race and a planet we horribly failed those humans when we damn well knew better, and there is nothing that can be done to make it right.

So go ahead and drown already, lying losing war Republicans, gurgle and choke in the raging flood. Tossing aside your filthy rotting corpses after Tuesday’s first wave will be just the very first task in an extremely arduous, dangerous time for the Republic.

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