Saturday :: Nov 4, 2006

Election 2006: State of the States Report

by eriposte


AZ: Major, major project in AZ needs polling place volunteers - documenting voter disenfranchisement in response to the Supreme Court directive on Arizona's voter ID law. Separately, the Arizona Democratic party is looking for GOTV volunteers - particularly relevant given the tightening Senate race in AZ. [On the web: Jim Pederson]

CT: Corrupt and de-facto Republican Joe "Petty Cash" Lieberman is into thuggery now and proud of it (more here). Totally appaling - a man with 18 years in the Senate has changed into someone with no morals, values or ethics when it comes to trying to retain power. What many Connecticut citizens don't seem to have realized yet is that Lieberman is running a completely dishonest campaign pretending to be anti-war. [Matt Stoller was the first one to notice this and realize that this is why many voters still support Lieberman]. Mark the words of the center-left blogosphere - Lieberman will vote (and likely caucus) with the GOP if elected and his Republican campaign contributors know it. If you are looking to GOTV for Ned Lamont here is some information on what you can do. [On the web: Ned Lamont]

MD: Another master dissembler is Bush rubber stamp Republican Michael Steele, who has deliberately misled voters in Maryland to think that he is a Democrat. Ben Cardin is fighting a close race against Steele as a result. [On the web: Ben Cardin]

FL: Multiple fraudulent robo-colls at night from Republicans in FL-13 to make voters hate Democrat Christine Jennings. This link provides contact information on whom to call if you get robo-called in that district. Jeb Bush in the meantime seems to be having a meltdown. [On the web: Christine Jennings]

IL: Illinois Democratic Network has details on a canvass for Tammy Duckworth between now and election day. Duckworth is running in IL-06 against all-round scumbag Peter Roskam, who is evidently one of far right Republican Senator John McCain's favorites (latest DCCC ad here). [On the web: Tammy Duckworth]

KY: Adam Conner at MyDD has an interesting look at Democrat John Yarmuth's surging campaign in KY-03 against corrupt and formidable Republican incumbent Anne Northup. [On the web: John Yarmuth]

NH: Looking to help close the Congressional races in NH-01 (Carol Shea-Porter) and NH-02 (Paul Hodes)? Weekend GOTV contact info is here.

MN: GOPer Gil Gutnecht continues to peddle fabrications against Democrat Tim Walz in MN-01. [On the web: Tim Walz]

NY: Republican Rep. Sue Kelly in the throes of complete meltdown and desperation as John Hall continues to run a strong campaign in NY-19. [On the web: John Hall]

OR: Looking to help Democratic campaigns in Oregon? Blue Oregon has a list of what you can do.

VA: Racist thug of a Republican George Allen's old college classmate writes about the real George Allen at Raising Kaine. Blogger Mike Stark who was assaulted by Allen's people has an update - the latest outrage he had to endure (an arrest) because of them . [On the web: James Webb].

P.S. Most of the blogs featured in this update are listed in The Left Coaster Election 2006 Progressive State Blogs list.

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