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Election 2006: California

by eriposte

[NOTE: See and distribute red alert on GOP robocalling scams across the country and how to fight back]

In the past couple of months I've focused what little time I have on the national elections and CA has figured in my blog posts only to a small extent. I'd like to use this post to cover some important races and developments in CA and I hope CA readers will distribute the information to your friends and family. We need above-average Democratic turnout in CA to prevent CA from falling victim to GOP extremism. As former GOP Rep. Pete McCloskey who is campaigning for Democrats this year said - "Apathy is our greatest enemy".

Key CA-focused state blogs (sorry if I missed out some names): Calitics, Say No To Pombo, Dump Doolittle, Speak Out CA, Courage Campaign, Alliance for a Better CA, California Progress Report, Governor Phil, The Liberal OC

Key national blogs which have special focus on CA: Kid Oakland, Down With Tyranny

GOTV: Take Back Red CA GOTV details

California is special for many reasons. One of those reasons was succinctly noted by Howie Klein at Down With Tyranny:

California is home not only to some of the most extreme right-wing Republicans in the entire Congress, but also home to many of the most outrageously corrupt. In fact, in many cases, the most fanatically right are also the most fanatically on the wrong side of the law-- when it comes to graft and personal corruption. It's hard to fathom how anyone-- regardless of political identification could consider voting for men like Jerry Lewis, Dick Pombo, John Doolittle, Ken Calvert, Gary Miller, Duncan Hunter, just to pick out the half dozen worst examples.

As we approach 11/7, here are a few things I'm asking you and you friends/family to be aware of (think of this as a reminder). Details below the fold.

1. Congressional Races

2. Gubernatorial Race

3. Other important down-ticket state-level races

4. Propositions

5. Judges

1. Congressional Races

CA-11: Bill Clinton did a great campaign stop (video available) for Democrat Jerry McNerney who has momentum in his race to defeat ultra-corrupt Richard "Abramoff" Pombo, who may be embroiled in another incident of unethical fundraising. Say No To Pombo has a great round-up on this race with lots of pictures. If you want to help GOTV for McNerney, here is the contact information. [On the web: Jerry McNerney]

CA-04: Democrat and Lt. Col. Charlie Brown is fighting ultra-corrupt John Doolittle. It's a close race and I'm sure Brown can use all the help available (see some recent GOTV pictures). [On the web: Charlie Brown].

CA-25: Howie Klein has a great report on Democrat Robert Rodriguez's attempt to unseat Republican Buck McKeon. Since there are no polls on this race we don't know how exactly it is going to turn out, but given this is a red district Rodriguez has a tough fight and could use all the help he can get. [On the web: Robert Rodriguez]

2. Gubernatorial Race

Without a doubt, I support Phil Angelides. Angelides seems to be beset by poor media coverage and a climate where his Republican opponent Arnold Schwarzenegger is running as a Democrat in order to hide his past extremism. Kid Oakland has some thoughts on this race.

3. Other important down-ticket state-level races

Folks, turnout is key to winning these races! This is no time for apathy! Juls at Daily Kos is really concerned that Californians may be indifferent to the impact of these races and is worried that Garamendi is running neck-and-neck with McClintock.

Lt. Governor: Progressive John Garamendi is the one. His opponent GOPer Tom McClintock is too extreme for CA (more here).

Secretary of State: This is a no-brainer. Debra Bowen's the one (and here's another reason why).

Attorney General: Jerry Brown's the obvious choice.

Controller: Democrat John Chiang is the one. And look who's bankrolling his opponent, who has a wee problem with his own taxes, not to mention a record of being anti-consumer.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer's the obvious choice.

Kid Oakland writes about Garamendi and Brown:

Tell your friends about these two Democrats, you won't regret it.

These two candidates are extraordinarily capable, well-liked Democrats.  We could use both of them in office for their talents and their leadership.  On top of that, both of their Republican opponents stink.  No "moderate" Arnold-style fakery from Tom McClintock or Bruce McPherson.  These guys are Cheney-style Republicans.

Let me put it this way. Garamendi and Bowen = Democrats wearing white hats running for important state-wide positions.  McClintock and McPherson = Republicans wearing black hats. You will deeply regret if McClintock and McPherson get elected on the 7th and you didn't do all you could to stop them. Trust me.

4. Propositions

Speak Out CA has a full general election voter guide with recommendations on all CA propositions - and so does the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club. Do take a look and let you friends know.

Kid Oakland has recommendations on the most critical propositions (links added by me):

Learn the Core Four

No! on 85 (Teen Safety/Parental Notification)

Yes! on 87 (Alternative Energy)

Yes! on 89 (Campaign Financing)

No! on 90 (Eminent Domain)

Here is a link to MoveOn.Org's endorsements and this is a link to the endorsements from the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

BEWARE of corporate-funded frauds sending out alleged "endorsements"!

  • MoveOn.Org sent out an email on Prop. 87:

    I just received an election ballot slate card in the mail called "Information Guide for Democrats." I'll bet you have too. Look for it. Then throw it away. It's pure deception. And then get mad. Pretending to be a Democratic slate, this mailer recommends against Propositions 87 and 89, the Clean Energy and Clean Money Initiatives. There's a picture of this mailer in the sidebar to the right, so you can identify it.
    Corporate interests are spending tens of millions of dollars to defeat these two initiatives. And they don't mind lying and cheating to get what they want. We have to fight this with the simple truth. And with word of mouth.

  • SFBrianCL at Calitics has a post up on phony Prop. 87 "endorsements" as well. Do take a look.
  • California Progress Report writes about phony mailers on Prop 86 and 87.

5. Judges

Progresive netroots activist Howie Klein has some recommendations.

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