Tuesday :: Nov 7, 2006

Initial Exit Polls Show National Issues Dominate - Dems Doing Well In Senate

by Steve


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As of 5 PM Eastern Time, the three broadcast networks and the AP are no longer embargoed from releasing the early exit poll data. As a result, we have the following information, indicating that national issues are taking center stage:

Preliminary exit poll results indicate that nearly six in 10 voters today disapprove of the way President Bush is handling his job.
About four in 10 approve of Bush's performance. That's down from 53 percent approval in 2004, and 67 percent just before the 2002 midterm elections.
About four in 10 "strongly" disapprove of the president's work, more than double the number of strong approvers.
Intensity of sentiment for and against, by contrast, was about equal in 2004: Thirty-three percent strongly approved of the president's performance, and 35 percent strongly disapproved. And in 2002, strong approvers dominated, quite a contrast from today.
The war in Iraq is a serious concern. In preliminary exit poll results, nearly six in 10 voters disapprove of the war, while about four in 10 approve. Approval of the war was higher, 51 percent, in the 2004 election. And about four in 10 now "strongly" disapprove of the war, up from 32 percent two years ago.

The Huffington Post and CNN report the following exit poll results in the Senate races as of 5:30 PM Eastern:

Democrats are leading in the early exit polls in Virginia, Montana, Rhode Island, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even Missouri, with the GOP leading in Tennessee by only 3 points and Arizona by 4 points. Democrats are holding Maryland and New Jersey. Remember, it’s early, and these are exit polls. But if Jim Pederson has any type of ground effort out in Arizona between now and this evening, he might be able to snatch that race from Jon Kyl. And if Ford is that close in Tennessee, who knows?

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