Tuesday :: Nov 7, 2006

Menendez/Cardin Both Win; Santorum, Dewine, Chafee Toast

by Steve

NBC is projecting that the Dems held their essential seat in New Jersey with Robert Menendez. NBC is also projecting that the Dems have finished off Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine.

And as a bonus, Ted Strickland has finished off the odious Ken Blackwell in the Ohio governor's race.

As David Gregory correctly said just a while ago, the GOP will be screwed if the Dems take two of the three races with Burns in Montana, Allen in Virginia, or Talent in Missouri.

Update: CNN and NBC are now projecting that Ben Cardin held the Democratic Senate seat over an improved Michael Steele, eliminating the last real chance for a GOP pickup tonight. NBC is projecting that Sheldon Whitehouse defeated Lincoln Chafee also.

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