Wednesday :: Nov 8, 2006

Election 2006: Victory!

by eriposte

Remember this from 10/28/06:

President George W. Bush said that Republicans would hold onto their majority in Congress...10 days ahead of US legislative elections...

Delusional faker as always, huh?

Pachacutec (emphasis mine):

Karl Rove is not a genius.  He is the author of the biggest GOP defeat in most of our lifetimes
Thanks, Karl. 
Meet the losers, folks:  Karl Rove, George Bush and the Republicans.

So much for the scaaaaary Republican "72-hour" operation, huh?

Netroots star Chris Bowers at MyDD has a post worth reading in its entirety. I'm going to borrow some snippets:

National Sweep. Democrats take the national majority in the House, Senate, Governors, and State Legislatures [NOTE: links added by eriposte]. The only thing Republicans have left--Bush--still sports a sub-40% approval rating.

Republicans shut out: No House, Senate, or Governor pickups for Republicans. That breaks every record for futility. No one can ever do worse than they did this year.

Geographic shift. This is the first time in 54 years that the party without a southern majority now has the House majority. Power flows to coasts. Tom Schaller utterly vindicated.
Blue District Victories. Wave of new conservative Democrats, my ass. Mark down House victories in NH-01, NH-02, NY-24, FL-22, PA-07, PA-08, IA-01, IA-02, CO-07, AZ-08, KY-03, CT-05, CA-11, MN-01, and NY-19. Now someone tell me again how the new wave of Democrats is overwhelmingly conservative with these districts and reps making up the majority of the new class.

Netroots victories. Covered below.

Republicans beaten at the top of their game. Republicans broke all of their fundraising and voter contact records this year. They had better maps than ever before. They had a better opportunity to pass whatever legislation they liked than every before. And they were still crushed.
We are just getting started. This is a big step, and much need vindication for our efforts. But it is still just a step. This is no time to start being risk-averse. We must continue to pursue the strategies that brought us here: silent revolution, fifty-state strategy, small donor explosion, progressive movement, we are all in this together.

Go read his entire post!

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