Wednesday :: Nov 8, 2006

After GOP Carnage, Bush Lets Rumsfeld Go

by Steve

Now that the GOP has been led to slaughter by Bush and Cheney, Rummy is stepping down and will be replaced with 41's CIA Director Robert Gates (and not Joe Lieberman). Rummy gave no indication to his senior staff that this was imminent, yet Bush just said at his press conference that he knew that Rummy was departing last weekend, but didn't announce it until he had Gates lined up for the job. Sure George, whatever you say. Forget all about those GOP corpses alongside the political highway today.

Poppy has taken charge of the last two years of Bush's term. The Baker/Hamilton report is now hotwired for implementation when it is issued in January, and the Democrats should get behind it now.

It also means that Dick Cheney is about to have a health problem and be replaced for the last two years. Yet just two weeks ago, Bush strongly defended Rummy and Cheney, and he and the GOP rubber-stampers in Congress said that no one could do a better job than Rummy. And they were all sacrificed today for Bush's stubborn refusal to accept responsibility, and correct a problem and chart a new course before the election when it could have mattered politically.

Bush and Cheney made dozens of GOP House members and several key GOP senators wear Rummy like an albatross around their necks into the gallows last night, only to throw Rummy overboard anyway today to keep Bush relevant the last two years of his presidency. How well do you think this will go down inside the NeoCon universe today, and how happy do you think the House and Senate GOP caucuses are today?

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