Wednesday :: Nov 8, 2006

AP: Webb Has Won; Allen May Concede

by Steve

AP Photo

Update: The AP now says Webb has won Virginia. Allen is putting out feelers that he may pull the plug.

Hotline is reporting that the GOP hierarchy will be pressuring George Allen to concede and not push for a recount, after they allow him the time to evaluate his situation over the coming days. Apparently, after looking at the latest counts, the GOP has concluded that Webb did in fact win the race, and that any further dragging out of this will look bad for the GOP.

The Dems will have the Senate. Think about that.

Don't kid yourself, this will mean that Joe Lieberman gets his committee chairmanship of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, regardless of what the caucus thinks. But it also means that Lieberman can now work with Henry Waxman in the House to find out what the hell is going on with Halliburton, Iraqi contracting, and what really happened with the Cheney Energy Tax Force.

Joe Biden will be taking over Foreign Relations and has already said he will be holding oversight hearings early next year.

It means that Patrick Leahy will be stopping George W. Bush from stacking the Supreme Court and lower courts with additional wingnuts, as well as depriving Arlen Specter of any further chances to talk tough and then cave in. How soon will it be before Leahy re-opens the detainee treatment giveaway by John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and takes another look at the domestic surveillance program?

Jay Rockefeller can now shove Pat Roberts aside to complete the Phase Two report on how the administration used the faulty WMD intelligence.

And if the price of doing all these things is to let Lieberman have his committee chairmanship, then guess what? He gets the chairmanship. End of story.

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