Thursday :: Nov 9, 2006

George's Lunch With Nancy

by Steve


Well Bush and Pelosi had their lunch today. There was talk about working together. And then we find out that the White House wants the lame-duck GOP congress to push through several going-away presents for Bush before the corrupt 109th leaves town. What kind of gifts?

He wants his domestic surveillance program approved, and John Bolton confirmed before the GOP hands over the gavels. Yeah, that should bode well for bipartisanship.

Arlen Specter and Richard Lugar have good working relationships with Patrick Leahy and Joe Biden respectively, and plan to continue those good relationships long after Bush and the cabal have left town in 2009. Neither Specter nor Lugar have anything to fear from the White House ever again, and I doubt seriously that either one of them would poison their relationship with the incoming chairmen by ramming through Bush’s wish list, when the voters have spoken that they want a change and bipartisanship in Congress. Besides, the newly liberated Lincoln Chafee is about to give the White House the finger over the Bolton nomination anyway.

So, Bush can forget about Bolton. I think that Specter isn’t going to extend himself for Bush either on domestic surveillance, especially now that DeWine, who authored a competing, White House approved measure opposite Specter's own proposal also got shown the door Tuesday.

I hope Bush enjoyed the lunch.

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