Sunday :: Nov 12, 2006

Democrats Called For “Re-Deployment” Over a Year Ago

by paradox

Carl Levin should shut up until the Democratic Senate and House majority leadership come to a wise, astute Democratic position on the Iraq War. The country and the party are in extremely perilous times and the last thing needed is a gasbag Sunday Senator puncturing an already weak tactical political position.

Murtha and Democrats called for “re-deployment” over a year ago. They’re as powerless to implement it now as they were then to stop the war. It was wise politically then, but this evolution of calling for “phased” re-deployment is unwise today.

The Army and Marine Corps General Staff will order the retreat and loss of Iraq at the direction of the President. Is in fact “withdrawal” in any way possible in “phases”? Unless that is known with 100% tactical certainty politicians, bloggers and pundits with zero knowledge of military tactics or capabilities should also shut up. Retreat will likely be a hellish pell-mell dash with no options left; using obscure language based upon shoddy knowledge with the lives of our soldiers at stake is an appalling, supremely disgusting spectacle.

Democrats can impel loss and retreat by cutting off funds for the services, a likely event as Barbara Bush leaping into a mosh pit a Dixie Chicks concert (the last Senate Iraq appropriation vote was 99-0).

Democrats can inflict nuclear damage upon the Bush presidency with NSA, war start and corruption hearings. After 12 months of that it may be politically acceptable to demand total immediate retreat whether the Republicans keep Bush on the job for it or not (I’ve been reading Steve Gilliard again).

That’s it. Demanding instant “change” on Iraq by Democrats only imperils our troops with unreality and opens the door for Democrats to be trapped. We had to win the 2004 election to stop the war and we didn’t. We now can control the agenda with what little leverage we have, if we Democrats have unity, patience, and the faith to let the leadership deliberately play out the best of our options.

Being a blowhard on Sunday isn't the way to do it. One would think with our soldiers being killed every day a Senator would finally get it: "expecting change from Democrats on Iraq" also means to stop thoughtlessly yapping on television.

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