Monday :: Nov 13, 2006

Country in Crisis

by paradox

I shouldn’t have told a senior Senator and others to shut up for advocating “phased withdrawal,” but I’ve simply lost all patience for obscure language using powerless tactics while our soldiers are being killed in these word games.

If Levin wants to end the war then he should simply, clearly state the United States lost, we’re horribly harming ourselves in multiple ways, it gets harder to leave every day we wait and it’s time to get the hell out now. Everyone, today.

The United States is in acute crisis, constitutionally with the NSA scandal and in the Iraq War. The rule of law is gone, trashed by reactionary freaks, and the middle east might barely be contained after squandering a trillion dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives and the Bill of Rights for a failed, lost war.

Our chattering media class and enabling politicians severely disservice the country using words such as “withdrawal” when the real word is retreat. We lost, we are in a serious hurt of trouble and sickening vague terms like “phases” only stack the corpses higher in a maddening evolution of evasion.

If in fact the Democratic leadership decides to tactically take on Bush with no tangible power it had better work, or the party, our soldiers and country will pay a terrible price in an extremely dangerous war. It will take every bit of party and message discipline we have with real language that completely reflects reality to force Bush to act on Iraq, not lone Sunday Senators.

As a country and party we no longer have the luxury of evasion and obfuscation. We’re out of time and very much in crisis. We have to be our best under unified leadership for the sake of our soldiers and party.

Unity means using polite language too, and I apologize for saying shut up.

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